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    This stunning quilt is 67″ x 91″.  It is all made from Kona Cotton.  It would be perfect for a university quilt or a stunning wedding gift for a young couple. It is a fast, easy sew with stunning results.
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    The pattern designed by Art Gallery Fabrics is called Stripy.  The finished quilt is 50" x 65".  We used the quilt to practice some Sashiko stitching on.  It is perfect for that! It would make a perfect project for these cool winter evenings to work on while watching your favourite show or listening to your favourite audio book.  Kit includes binding.
  • The pattern for this quilt was designed by Robin Pickens.  This kit is comprised of all Kona Solids.  The finished size of the quilt is 73" x 94".  It includes the binding as well.  A perfect quilt for a cotttage, dorm room or just to curl up out on the porch with!