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  • Spring Shimmer 26pc Fat Quarter Bundles by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman. Here is how this bundle came to be... "Hi All!  You know how much I love SHIMMER with its pearlescent print on top of gorgeous, hand drawn designs. I am so thrilled to be introducing my SIXTH Shimmer Collection with Robert Kaufman! 26 vibrant, sophisticated 100% premium cotton prints produced in Japan. I complied my photos and files of inspiration for months, revisiting and curating the best ones tucked in a special folder labeled SPRING SHIMMER 2020 long before we actually got here. I begin at least a year in advance and the collection evolves and projects are dreamed up to the last minute! Drawing, painting, pitching colors, creating mood boards to solidify my visual dreams of which I love to share with you. So here it is, I hope you love it" ~ Jennifer Sampou
  • This kit consists of a gorgeous collection of Kona Solids, Manchester, Essex Yarn Dye and Library Fabrics by Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman.