//Zen Chic Just Red Jelly Roll

Zen Chic Just Red Jelly Roll


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Red is so many things… bold and beautiful like crimson rose petals, summery like a patch of
strawberries, as much fun as a child’s ball, and as deep as the warmest fire. Just Red brings you
everything this versatile and diverse color scheme has to offer, and more.
This collection is a journey into red with lighter, softer pinks and white, as well as more saturated hues
like a popping orange and a pink that demands to be seen and heard. A dark, muted burgundy rounds
out the collection and creates a complete range of tones, offering a captivating depth from light hues,
to mid-tones, into a darker color that creates a soft, harmonious look.
Just Red was designed with large-scale floral prints, medium-scale geometric patterns, as well as smallscale blenders, and the addition of little splashes of gold brings an elegant, fanciful feel to the prints.
Just imagine such a quilt on a red velvet couch, or perhaps strawberry reds combined with white for a
garden quilt on a summer’s day, or a fun and youthful creation with pale and popping pink for a young
girl. The possibilities with Just Red are as endless as the color itself.

2 in stock


Zen Chic’s Just Red for Moda.  A gorgeous collection with a mix of scale and texture!

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 cm